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The family of Elphius Flux has a standing joke that they are where they are today because of a hobby gone mad.

Elphius Flux started from humble beginnings. Tinkering in a dusty shed, in the family garden, with salvaged and reclaimed materials after the 9-5 was done, they then began supplying friends and family with unique and quirky pieces of industrial and rustic inspired furniture made from what would otherwise have been scrap.

As friends and family began to get to grips with the name “Elphius Flux” and started telling their friends about the amazing handcrafted pieces, the hobby quickly gained momentum and before they knew it, Elphius Flux were quitting their 9 to 5’s, finding a bigger workspace and gaining a long list of loyal and fabulous clients.

Elphius Flux’s surroundings may have changed, but their ethos has been the same since the very beginning and they have stuck to their core values throughout their journey. They believe firmly in producing high quality, transitional pieces from recycled and sustainable materials that don’t conform to trends and stand the test of time in relation to style, functionality, and durability.

They have worked with an extensive number of clients, that have all been as unique in their needs, as the finished pieces themselves. Elphius Flux has created bespoke, custom made pieces for each client, from quirky handmade bedside cabinets for the 'lady down the road', to a full bar and restaurant fit (including the kitchen sink).

Elphius Flux immerse themselves in the creative process to make sure their creations are everything their client was looking for and more. They are big believers in making their handmade furniture from reclaimed timber and sustainable materials, salvaging everything they can and rescuing unloved and unwanted furniture with a history. All of these components are combined with imagination and meticulous care and skill to create a one of a kind, truly unique and bespoke, Elphius Flux piece.

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